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Morbier is here!

Morbier at Wine & Cheese

Cheese Facts :

Region :


Country :


Cheese Type :

Washed-Rind: Stinky & Intense

Milk Type :

Raw Cow

Wine Pairing :

Off-dry or fruity whites

Wheel Weight :

New Cheese! Brie de Nangis

Brie de Nangis at Wine and CheeseOur Winter Menu is now live and features some great new cheeses. The Brie Nangis is one of Max McCalman's top cheeses in the world and for good reason. From the Brie capital, Ile-de-France – Brie de Nangis is a lovely creature, a gorgeous cheese and as such should be enjoyed with the rustic reds of the southern Rhone and of course, anything that Bubbles. This cheese is made with pasteurized cow's milk cheese and is aged 3-5 weeks before we get our hands on it.

Brie de Nangis was originally an artisan cheese made around the town of the same name. Though no longer produced there, it remains true to the original style. The authenticity of this cheese is due to generations of skilled Rouzaire family members who single-handedly brought this delectable cheese back from the brink of extinction. They continue to be the only producers of Brie de Nangis.

Considered to be one of the best cheeses in the world, a good deal of complexity lurks within the paste of Brie de Nangis. The interior is a touch firmer. The rind is tight and perfectly edible. When young it is milky and sweet with just a hint of earthiness that over time will becomes more pronounced and pungent. Give it some time out of the fridge and it will break down into near-liquidity, smacking of savory mushroom and black truffle, it's texture creamy and supple.

Serving suggestions: For Holidays and entertaining, make an entire wheel of Brie de Nangis the focal point of your cheese plate. Spread a fine layer of honey over the entire top portion of the bloomy white rind. Sprinkle over with a colorful array of dried fruits and pistachios. Serve with crispy baguette, quince paste and mixed olives.


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