W&C Closed on Thanksgiving but...

But we have a nice Black Friday deal on tap! Well its not really a Black Friday deal as the deal is good right now while supplies last. We managed to get our hands on the last couple cases of the 09 Adams Vineyard Pinot Noir from Artisanal Wine Cellars! This wine garnered some high ratings and great press showing why Oregon Pinot is second to none! We are offering it at $21 while supplies last. You could drive to the vineyard and pay over $30 but why? This is quintessential Thanksgiving

Wine Shop Top Sellers

  • Sweet Sunset Chocolate Wine

    Sweet Sunset Chocolate Wine

    First lets say that this is Not ChocoVine. This wine is actually made with eighty five percent Merlot and than has natural chocolate cream added to the mix. This is the wine for anyone looking for sweet red or the chocolate lover at home. Great gift for the holidays.

  • Tintero Moscato

    Tintero Moscato

    Soft, sweet, semi-sparkling wine, or frizzante, made from the Moscato grape coming from the Piedmonte region of NW Italy. Tastes of honey, pear, green apple and light vanilla.

  • OZV


    This is Zinfandel out of Lodi, California, made from 50-100 year old vines. Ripe boysenberry, blackberry, mocha and cinnamon, this is a great wine and will make people forget all about 7deadly and cardinal Zins!!!

  • Schweinsbrau Dunkel Beer